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What's freegoo

FREEGOO is an all-Italian project by InnoViaggi Srl that was born from the idea of ​​Tonino who wants to make his dream come true, that is to travel and feel welcomed!

Tonino, due to a health problem, is in a wheelchair today but his desire to live and to discover leads him to travel in search of new emotions. The passion for travel shares it with friends who embrace his goals and who become partners in the realization of his dream.

Thus the dream came true in, a portal that presents the structures, Hotels, Holiday Homes, B&B, Cascine, Campsites, Residences, etc .., focusing on the enhancement of spaces and detailing the characteristics, services and information on living room to welcome all travelers with serenity.

FREEGOO is aimed at all those travelers who are looking for accommodations that are sensitive to their needs.
We have developed a self-assessment questionnaire of the structures that allows us to identify the potential of the proposed spaces and the type of accessibility (Motor, Cognitive, ...), in order to make the related information even more reliable.


Who we are 


The Mission

Traveling is everyone's right!

Our goal is to facilitate and simplify the experiences of all travelers but above all of those who have specific needs such as physical, sensory, cognitive or dietary problems or who simply want to travel with their pet. On this basis we have developed a clean and easy to navigate portal. With a few clicks you will have access to all the information useful for the purpose, that is, a pleasant and comfortable stay.


The Vision

The disabled person is not his wheelchair, but is a customer like all the others: he buys services, wants to enjoy his free time in safety and has travel expectations. The journey experienced as an investment of emotions makes the traveler a messenger in the world and in time.

Each holiday is unique and for this reason it must be lived to its full potential.


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